How to Own Alpha’s Perfect Grey Suit

Own Alpha’s Perfect Grey Suit

One button suit jackets are the current trend, however, two button suits are more the standard. Men with taller frames may be better off choosing three-six button suits, most big and tall suits typically have more buttons.

2 Button Suit

The grey 2 button suit showcased in the video is single breasted, great for a more “executive” look.

For a bolder look, here are some double-breasted suit options in grey.

 Notch Lapels

Notch lapels are common among more conservative occasions like work or weddings. For this reason, the notch lapel balances out double breasted suits as shown above.

Side Vented Suit Jacket

Most suit jackets are designed with one or two vent options while tuxedos are typically designed with no vents. Choosing vent options are more a matter of preference.

Pocket Flaps

Understadning pocket options boils down to versatility vs. bravado. Flap pockets are among the most traditional while flaps (jetted) pockets are reserved for formal wear.

Flat Slacks w/o Pleats

When shopping for a suit, pants without pleats offer more of a modern look while pleated pants are best suited for vintage styles.

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